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Baza de date de lucrări teoretice
Corpus scrieri literare 1960-2010
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Nume proiect Migration and Reshaping Identities in Romanian Travel Writings (1960-2010) - MARIS
Director prof. univ. dr. Liviu Papadima
Finantator: UEFISCDI
Tip proiect IDEI - Proiecte de cercetare exploratorie
Cod proiect: PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0913

Contract 31 din 5.10.2011

Migration and Reshaping Identities in Romanian Travel Writings (1960-2010)

Drawing on the specific discourses and methodologies in comparative cultural studies, anthropology, history, literary theory and comparative literature, the project aims to analyze a specific area of the Romanian literary and cultural inheritance (the fictional and nonfictional travel writings from 1960 to 2010), by bringing to light identity variants and invariants, in a widened global context. Using a focused study, the project seeks to explore the “identity matrix” of the Romanian writers/intellectuals, either migrants or travelers in the European/extra-European space, in order to redefine their place within the European identity and to revisit their textual and existential experiences. Such an approach is all the more necessary with the political and cultural shifts of the past decades, and a comparison to the situation before 1989 is needed in order to rethink the Romanian identity construction strategies within a global frame.

The Romanian traveler’s figure lies at the core of this project, observed in circumstances likely to entail changes in the perception of identity. Our focus is on the producer (writer, diarist, travel notes or epistle author), rather than on the product itself (the travel writing as such). Therefore, we use a wider range of “travel writings”, including, along with the “classical” forms of the genre, other writings such as fiction, essays, correspondence, interviews, extracts from Securitate files, etc. Identity shifts will be looked into by taking into account several invariants traceable in most of these texts: space (“home”, “abroad”, in-between), language (“mother language”, “adopted language”), type of textuality (fiction/nonfiction/autofiction).